Natural vs Medicinal Treatments of Yeast Infection

During the ancient times, when there were no machines and equipment to manufacture medications, individuals manage their health disorders through the use of herbs and other natural means. However, through the years, scientists and experts have been providing innovate ways on how to synthetically manage numerous health conditions. They have developed so many medications for the management of physical disorders and even psychological conditions. However, as technology continues to advance, many health experts started looking into the health benefits of natural treatments that have been used during the early times. These natural methods were found to be the treatments that have helped our early ancestors survive and live for many years without technological advancement.

Natural and synthetic treatments differ in many ways. Naturalistic treatments view the disorders as results of dysfunctions in certain body areas. Through adapting holistic ways of strengthening the body’s defense against the condition, the overall well-being of the individual can be improved. On the other hand, synthetic methods focus on managing the symptoms of the disorder to promote the comfort of the individual. In other words, holistic treatments are used for defense purposes while synthetic means are for offense. What makes naturalistic method better is it provides long term effects while synthetic is usually for short term.

One of the disorders managed through natural and synthetic means is yeast infection. The following are methods on how to manage the condition which shows natural (holistic) treatment vs medicinal (synthetic) treatment.

1. Yogurt vs. Antibiotics
Yogurt is a popular, delicious dairy product which contains probiotics or good bacteria. These good bacteria found in yogurt help strengthen the function of the good bacteria in the body so they can fight off yeast infection. Antibiotics, on the other hand, contain chemicals which can effectively kill the invading yeasts in the body. The advantage of using yogurt is it does not have any side effects. Antibiotics can have side effects especially if you are allergic to them or some of its components.

2. Plain water vs. medicinal creams
Most individuals with yeast infection experience itching in the area. When you seek medical consultation, your doctor will most likely prescribe vaginal creams to ease the itching and relieve the dryness. But in naturalistic method, simple douching with plain water is enough to relieve the itch. Vaginal creams often provide moisture to the area to promote comfort while water helps eliminate the yeast which causes the itching.

3. Proper diet vs. pills
Some physicians usually prescribe hormone replacement pills for the management of yeast infection with the idea that by replacing lacking hormones, the yeast infection would subside. However, holistic approach on yeast infection promotes proper diet to improve the body’s production of hormones. Many unhealthy foods such as junk foods are believed to be affecting the hormone production capacity of the body. By eliminating these and by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, hormonal problems can be naturally resolved.

4. Avoiding pro-yeast foods vs. taking Antifungal medicines
Yeasts continue to exist within the human body simply because they still have something to consume. These organisms usually feed on simple sugars and white flour. By simply avoiding pro-yeast foods such as sweets and certain types of bread, the level of yeasts in your body can potentially decrease. The use of antifungals, on the other hand, is focused on killing the yeast. However, even if some of the yeasts die, infection will still continue simply because they still have a source of food. Antifungals are also known to have several drug-to-drug interactions.

5. Cranberry juice vs. Acidifying drugs
Another method to help manage yeast infection is through acidifying the urine. The more acidic the urine, the more difficult it would be for the microorganisms to survive. There are certain acidifying drugs which may be prescribed by your doctor for urine acidifying but you can actually gain same results through consuming cranberry juice. A disadvantage of using acidifying drugs is they may cause metabolic acidosis which is a potentially dangerous health condition. Cranberry juice, on the other hand, does not really result to side effects since it contains natural ingredients.

It is acceptable that the medicinal ways and the holistic methods in yeast management can work hand in hand to provide faster and better results. However, if you are suffering from mild forms of the disorder, you may opt to use the natural means alone. Nevertheless, if you are suffering from other clinical conditions, you have to see your doctor for advice and recommendations.

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