Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Yeast Infection contagious?
Yeast infections are generally not as contagious as common a cold or the flu. As mentioned earlier the fungus responsible for the infection is found in our body and harmless as long as our body defensives are up. Excessive use antibiotics, damage to the mucous membranes, immune disorders and use of certain corticosteroids are some factors which contribute to making the body susceptible to yeast infection.

Some ways for the infection to spread are through sexual intercourse, oral sex, bad hygiene and using unclean medical equipment. Medical apparatus such as catheters are breeding grounds for microorganisms and if not sterilized properly they can transfer certain infections. Infants may get the infection through breastfeeding if their mother is suffering from the condition.

Can I get a Yeast Infection from sexual intercourse?
Contrary to common belief sexual intercourse is not a major cause of yeast infections. If there is no pain or discomfort involved you can engage in sexual intercourse even with an active yeast infection. But if certain remedies or treatments are being tried out it is better to avoid sex till the treatment has finished. The yeast infection can get transferred only if the body has a weak immune system to start out with. It is almost impossible for a healthy individual with proper hygienic habits to get infected with Candidiasis.

How common is it?
In most cases a yeast infection will not strike unless the body s immunity is down. There can be Candida present in the mouth, skin and even the vaginas of healthy woman. These may remain harmless as long as the body s defensive mechanism is active. Yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted disease by any means and hence cannot be classified as an STD. This infection is quite common as in usually found in small easily treatable patches.

These have been some reports of a fungal infection getting transferred by having sex but these may be cases where the immunity of the affected person has been compromised. And many women falsely attribute a large number of these infections to sexual intercourse. This is far from the truth as intercourse is just a minor cause of yeast infection. Proper hygiene and health habits can help keep yeast infections away. Also a number of natural remedies can help in this regard.

How long does it take to cure?
The time taken to cure the infection may depend on the strength of the medication being taken. Medicines should not be discontinued at first signs of improvement in the symptoms. Essentially it takes three to seven days to be full cured. Though in some very special cases, a one or two day dose may do the trick. For severe symptoms and repeated infections, medicines may have to be taken for up to two weeks. The treatment period depends on the severity of the infection and the strength of the medication prescribed.

Do i have to visit my doctor first?
It is recommended to visit your doctor if home remedies fail to relieve the problem within a reasonable time frame, as it could be the sign of something more serious. If you are in serious discomfort after treatment from holistic remedies, it is a good idea to discontinue their use and see a physician.

Should i be concerned if i have an infection while I am pregnant?
A yeast infection will not have any effect on your unborn baby. But there is a slight chance that the baby can get infected when it passes through the vaginal opening. The baby may develop oral yeast infection or thrush due to this. Also during breast feeding the baby may get infected. Hence it is better to get treated before the due date.

Should i be concerned if i have diabetes?
High blood sugar content is conducive for yeast infections. Hence diabetics have to be extremely careful if they get a yeast infection. Along with medicines to cure the fungal infection proper glucose regulating medicines for diabetes should be consumed. The increase in blood sugar is reflected in all parts of the body and even the mucus membrane in the vagina show elevated levels of sugar. This excess of sugar promotes the growth of yeast resulting in infections.

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