Causes of a Yeast Infection


Yeast infections are one of the most common recurring illnesses affecting both males and females, irrespective of their age. Actually about 75% of women on the globe have been affected by these infections at least once in their lifetime. This infection can be quite stubborn, as it tends to recur in various individuals, even after getting cured. The best way to deal with this problem once and for all is to identify the root cause of the yeast infection. Some of the most common yeast infections affecting the population include vaginal yeast infection (which is actually the major one affecting females, caused by various bacteria but mainly Candida Albican), athlete’s foot and thrush among others. And just because you have found that you do indeed have a yeast infection, does not mean that you should feel embarrassed in any way.

Some of the general causes of a yeast infection in both men and women include:

1. Antibiotics
In America, this is actually the major cause of this contamination in population. Antibiotics might be effective against various illnesses, but each time you swallow an antibiotic, it eliminates both the unwanted bacteria in your sinuses and many other useful bacteria around your genitals or your mouth. This affects the ecological balance in your vagina or mouth thus creating a perfect environment for yeast to grow and take-over.

2. Sexually transmitted
Just like all other sexually transmitted diseases, the bacteria which cause this infection can be transmitted by direct contact when having sex with an infected person. Lesbian partners are actually more susceptible transmitting yeast between each other. A female with a vaginal yeast infection can transmit yeast to a healthy male when having unprotected sex. So if you are both infected, make sure you get treated and practice safe sex until you are both completely cured.

3. A weak immune system
People with HIV or any other autoimmune disease are highly susceptible to this disease. This is because they have a compromised immune system. These individuals are more prone to esophageal contamination and thrust. And most of these individuals suffer from the recurrent yeast infection. Diabetes raises the glucose levels within the urine, which ends up acting as food for yeast to consume as they multiply.

4. Clothes
Yeasts tend to flourish in dirty, tight non-cotton underwear. These garments do not allow your genital area to breathe and this change of environment favors yeast growth. So women should wear clean cotton underwear and change them at least once a day. Both men and women should avoid wearing tight clothes which preserves moisture as they encourage the growth of yeast. As well as tightness, the quality of the material is also a factor. Underwear made from nylon, or a similar cheap material, should be avoided.

5. Sugary diets
Sugary diets tend to promote yeast growth; this is because they increase your blood sugar levels. Yeast feeds on sugar, so the high sugar level will actually favor their growth. Obesity contributes to yeast growth in the genital area and also in the folds on your body. Consuming a lot of high carbohydrate foods, juice and a lot of fruits for breakfast will spike your blood sugar level. This type of breakfast, which causes an increased blood-sugar level, can stimulate the growth and multiplication of yeast.

Specific Causes of a Yeast infection in women

1. Hormonal imbalance
Actually both the artificially injected and naturally occurring hormones can affect the rate of yeast multiplication within your body. Pregnant women and the ladies who always use their birth-control pills experience an increased estrogen level. This hormonal imbalance is the main reason why these ladies are always prone to yeast infection.

2. Feminine hygiene products
As much as these products help make you more prettier while improving your confidence, some of the eye liners, sprays, deodorants and douches contain harmful chemicals which tend to affect your body’s acidity level. Various over-the-counter hygiene products can reduce your vagina’s acidity level resulting in this yeast multiplication.

3. Spermicidal condoms
Actually, the active-ingredient used in various spermicidal condoms, the nonoxynol-9, is not a gentle substance. This active substance tends to irritate the vagina, thus lowering the vagina’s immunity. And yeast will most definitely take advantage of your compromised immunity. So if a spermicidal condom is the main cause of your increased yeast multiplication rate, then you need to see a gynecologist immediately.

Other causes of a yeast infection
Various harsh detergents or soap we use can eliminate various useful bacteria, thus promoting the yeast take-over. Some soap we use to clean our genitals can also affect various good bacteria which control the yeast population in your body. So you have to keep away from these products.

Here are some other issues have been known to cause a yeast infection:

  • The consumption of starch
  • A recent pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Steroids
  • Antibiotics

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